Consultation Services

For Individuals:
Advise on individual career choices, work satisfaction, handling stress and conflict, improving ability to communicate and relate with boss, co-workers, subordinates, customers and vendors, or how to handle a destructive boss, co-worker or employee.

For Corporate Management:
Executive Recruitment:
Obtain pre-hiring assessment of character strengths and weaknesses of executive and high level finance candidates and advise on how to include more character evaluation in the hiring process to ensure a good fit between individual character and corporate culture.

Interpersonal Consulting:
Work directly with two or more members of an organization to identify problems in communication and work relationship contact, and advise on how to overcome them in order to accomplish effective negotiations and find creative conflict resolutions at any level from executive to management to staff.

Organizational Consulting:
Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the communication and work interactions within the organization. Make a critical evaluation of how organizational culture (character) and cultural rigidities affect the organization’s business. Evaluate destructive elements within the organization and advise on their management. Develop strategic plans that maximize the organization’s strengths.

Educational Services:
Provide public presentations, seminars and workshops using a unique functional approach to a wide range of business related topics that emphasize the value of genuine communication and connections within work organizations. These custom-tailored to public conferences, or groups of executives, managers and staff to convey to any level of worker or business the impact of work relationship disturbances on productivity and profitability of the organization.