Succeed in today’s economy

Our Changing Work Environment
Our society is in upheaval. Work requirements are rapidly changing as corporations and other organizations restructure and downsize. The pace of technological change has accelerated. These changes provide many opportunities for individuals and organizations but only some are capitalizing on them. Why?

Individual and Group Responses Cause Work and Business Failures
An individual’s emotional reactions of fear, anxiety, anger and depression or rigid character attitudes frequently prevent needed responses to new situations. Inflexible styles of relating may interfere with finding adaptive ways to work better with other people in a changing environment. Bureaucratic rigidities in an organization as a whole impede adaptation to changing markets and service needs. The costs of these problems is mounting, particularly in individual human terms such as increased work related stresses, decreased company loyalty and reduced individual work satisfaction, all of which eventually effect overall prod uctivity. Organizations’ problems manifest in loss of market share, decreased profitability or outright failure in the marketplace.

Self-Defeating Patterns Can Be Overcome
These problems can all be addressed in the individual, interpersonal, or organizational realms. Dr. Crist has a proven record in treating individuals’ emotional and character problems and in handling interpersonal relationships and group dynamics. Combined with his experience with the business aspects of both profit and nonprofit organizations his background makes him especially well suited to help individuals and organizations identify, diagnose and resolve the broadest range of work and business related problems