Solar Energy startup company Multi-million dollar international company to develop and produce new technology for solar panels
- Executive evaluation and recruitment
- Consulting on development of healthy corporate culture
- Management of interpersonal conflicts
- Staff education

Foreign advertising and poster company especially focused on the promotion of the arts
- Consulting on management and employee structure and relationship problems

Family run cable business
- Consulting on distinguishing family from company business

Independent entrepreneur
- Advice on managing destructive partner and eventual disolition of partnership

- Consultation on character of difficult clents with prediction of behavior and advice on management

Independent organization with unique approach to training voice and acting teachers
- Educational presentations

International professional organization of municipal clerks
- Educational presentation

The Arts
Playwright with independent Broadway theater company
- Script consultation on a play for scientific, characterological and historical accuracy regarding key historical character

- Manuscript consultation on a novel for historical accuracy and authentic characterizations of psychiatric treatment scenes

Independent non-equity theater company
- Technical advice for authentic characterizations in a production of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”