Organizational Consulting


Multimillion-dollar international solar energy startup company

  • Executive evaluation and recruitment
  • Consulting on development of healthy corporate culture
  • Management of interpersonal conflicts
  • Staff education

Foreign outdoor poster/advertising company focused on promotion of the arts

  • Consulting on company core function, culture and image
  • Advice on management of company culture change
  • Advice on executive, management and employee structure
  • Advice on both inter-company and company-client relationship problems
  • Evaluation and identification of toxic, destructive top-level manager
  • Advice on extraction of destructive management and employees

Family run cable business

  • Advice on separating family conflicts from company business


Tennis and fitness center

  • Advice to new owner on developing the desired organizational culture
  • Advice on clarity of positions, roles and functions

Health care

Privately-owned specialized rehabilitation centers

  • Advice to give clarity and support of owner about the basis for an already thriving functional approach to the organizational culture


International professional organization of municipal clerks

  • Educational presentation

Individual Consulting


  • Consultation on the character of difficult clients with predictions about their behavior
  • Advice on client management

Independent entrepreneur

  • Advice on managing destructive partner and eventual dissolution of partnership

Retiring university professor of economics

  • Work nature evaluation regarding retirement
  • Advice on planning for satisfaction in post-retirement activities

Retiring university professor of sociology

  • Work nature evaluation regarding retirement
  • Advice on planning for satisfaction in post-retirement activities

Writer and marketing head of small entrepreurial company

  • Advice on managing dysfunctional boss
  • Work nature evaluation
  • Advice on strategically laying the groundwork for a change of jobs

Corporate accountant who took early retirement

  • Support for bringing a functional approach to the accounting of two nonprofit organizations
  • Advice on working with executive director and dysfunctional nonprofit board
  • Advice on managing toxic, volunteer board members

Retired dance teacher

  • Advice on juggling grandmother duties, care for ill grandchild and husband, to find time for personal interests and volunteer activities
  • Advice on managing toxic bureaucrats in home owner’s association of summer home.


  • Consultation on a functional approach to her work and clarification of its functional realm

Young journalist contemplating career change

  • Work nature evaluation
  • Advice on broadening the scope of what jobs and careers might be satisfying

Recent college graduate in finance

  • Work nature evaluation
  • Support of his instincts about finding satisfaction by following a line of work different from his field of study

Undergraduate engineering student

  • Work nature evaluation
  • Advice on specific branch of engineering to improve chances for satisfaction

The Arts


Playwright with independent Broadway theater company

  • Script consultation on a play for scientific, characterological and historical accuracy regarding key historical character


  • Manuscript consultation on a novel for historical accuracy and authentic characterizations of psychiatric treatment scenes


Independent organization with unique functional approach to training voice and acting teachers

  • Educational presentations

Independent non-equity theater company

  • Technical advice for authentic characterizations of the inmates in a production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
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