When you contact ergonexus LLC you will be in direct contact with me. My voice mail, postal mail and e-mail are entirely confidential. No one else listens to or reads the messages.

The first step is a brief telephone conversation to evaluate your needs.

For consultation services, I will want to know whether you are interested in consulting about personal work-life concerns or want help with an organization. After briefly evaluating your situation we will decide whether to take the next step of an in-person evaluation meeting.

For an organizational evaluation, I will discuss with you who should attend the first session. To begin with, I meet with the individual most central to and aware of the situation to be addressed. If additional people are involved, they may also be included right from the beginning of the process.

For educational services, I will determine the best way to satisfactorily address the subject matter.

At our first meeting, we will discuss your goals, whether for your personal work-life or for the company in which you work. If you are seeking help with an organization we will determine whether you need relatively narrow input, such as character evaluations of top hires, executive coaching or advice on handling destructive employees; or whether you want a broader evaluation.

More wide-ranging evaluations may include determining the extent to which satisfaction drives the organizational culture or looking at the organization’s core function to see how well the culture expresses (or interferes with) that function and then at the organization’s image to see how well it aligns with both culture and core function.

Contact with the head of an organization is crucial to evaluate and help the organization. At the same time it is essential to assess the quality of the work connections between what I see as the head and the body of a company, as well as within the body of the organization itself. These communication links need to be addressed in later meetings either through the head of the organization or with members at lower levels.

My working relationship with you is paramount in my ability to provide my unique approach to your needs. From our first contact—and at all times—I listen closely and not only welcome but require input from you as the client about what you want, how well the process is working for you and how we can improve our relationship to achieve your goals. That’s how I can accomplish the task of helping you and/or your organization become as productive and satisfied as possible.

Dr. Peter Crist

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